Inside Custom Silicon Wristbands

silicon-wristbandsCustom silicon wristbands are accessories popular with kids and teenagers. These bands are worn on the wrist, so the size is just the right diameter to fit into hands. The trend of these accessories began in the early 2000’s. This era was the peak of pop culture, and silicon wristbands were the hype.

Wristbands can be made from several materials, but the most used material for these bracelets is silicon.

Custom silicon wristbands make use of this material because of its rubbery characteristic. It is much easier to dictate the outcome of silicon than other base materials.

Silicon is a synthetic compound that has a variety of uses. It can be used as materials for kitchen utensils, baking trays, household cleaning materials, toys and electronics. It has even been modified as silicon grease for lubricants in cars and coatings. Coating a product with silicon can make it waterproof. Silicon can also be in liquid form, which can be found in shampoos, soaps and dry cleaning solvents.

Silicon was used in making custom silicon wristbands because of its properties. It is heat-resistant and waterproof. It forms water-tight seals and waterproof as well. It has low chemical reactivity and thermal conductivity. It is also resistant to oxygen, ozone and ultra-violet rays. It can be mixed with other compounds and elements. It is malleable in nature and works well in both solid and liquid states.

Custom silicon wristbands make use of silicone rubber. It is a highly versatile material that is made up of silicon, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Silicone rubber can be customized easily. The production process of these accessories is also efficient because a good number of wristbands can be produced in just one go of the process.

The trend of rubber bracelets gave an avenue for growth to the rubber jewelry industry. Wristband companies were also established to meet the demands of the popular accessory. Presently, companies now offer custom silicon wristbands. This allows the customer to design their own rubber wristbands.

Silicon bracelets also helped in the growth of online bracelet businesses. These local companies set up the client transactions via internet or online portals and customers can order their own personalized bracelets at home. They can pass their original designs online or make the design itself with the program some companies have that are solely for designing wristbands.

These silicon wristbands can be used for a lot of things. Others have these bracelets as promotional tools in local businesses and marketing strategies. It is also a good product for fund-raising in different causes. Some treat them as campaign materials to heighten up awareness and support. Organizations use them as identification or proof of membership. Various occasions have them as tokens or giveaway items. More creative events sell the silicon bracelet and serves as the ticket to the party or social gathering. Other funky organizers get a kick out of making glow-in-the-dark bands or neon-colored bracelets. Really creative people use them as tickets and as items to generate income. The party can offer to design the wristbands as a side-event.

In a way, silicon has helped the society grow in a lot of ways. Rubber wristbands wouldn’t have made such a mark if it weren’t for this material. Who knew that silicon can appeal to the young generation as well? It gave rise to a new – and fun – accessory that serves a lot of uses. Silicon bracelets can develop businesses, spread creativity, bring people together, raise awareness for a cause and make an event memorable. Rubber wristbands aren’t just accessories. They are some people’s products and most people’s treasures.